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In Focus: Customer Case Study

John (ST2 Doctor)

"I work hard, love my job and am always looking to take on opportunities to enhance my portfolio. I want to have the edge against others who will be applying for the same job as me. The problem I have is that although I know it is essential to update skills, attend courses and conferences to remain competitive, there are not always enough hours in the week.

I have seen that some training companies provide only a few dates throughout the year for the courses I needed to attend. I liked Astute Medical Training because they seemed to be different. They offered the courses that I had been looking at on a variety of dates, which allowed me to be flexible when booking study leave. They also offer the post-course webinar and networking opportunity for delegates to discuss how they have implemented the knowledge learnt at their courses, for me this feedback is invaluable.

I liked the ethos of Astute Medical Training, they are not just offering quality, affordable courses but have a social conscience. By becoming one of their customers I am not only improving my portfolio, C.V. and job prospects but also helping to create positive change within society."


together, we create change

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